Superannuation What is it? Superannuation (Super) is Australia’s Retirement Savings System. It is designed to allow everyone to contribute throughout their working life to eventually use to fund retirement. Funds are generally invested into the share market and over time your balance benefits significantly from the income and capital growth.   Adding funds into super […]

Investment Risks

Investment Risks This is a general guide around the main risks associated with investing. During our advice process we look at ways to reduce your risks when investing.   Sequencing Risks Sequencing risk refers to the timing in which investment returns occur. If negative returns happen early in the investment period (especially during retirement), it […]

Your Guide to Personal Insurances

Guide to Personal Insurance

Your Guide to Personal Insurances Insurance is an essential aspect of providing a safety net for you and your family in unexpected circumstances. There are four key personal insurances which can offer protection and peace of mind: Life Insurance Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance Trauma Insurance Income Protection Insurance   An outline of each […]

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Queensland

Estate Planning Planning for the future involves considering both your personal circumstances and the legal requirements of your jurisdiction. In Queensland, Australia, there are two critical documents that everyone should understand and consider: Wills and Powers of Attorney. Here is a general outline of both.   Wills A Will is a legal document that sets […]

5 Steps to Retirement

5 Steps to Retirement Step 1 – Understand what retirement means for you A dream retirement is very different from person to person, some of our clients draw a minimal level of income as they have everything they need, they spend time in their garden, with their friends and their loved ones (including the furry […]